Beef and Broccoli – modified from Mongolian Beef and served with Ramen noodles

So… I had tried making IP Beef & Broccoli and IP Mongolian Beef.  Both were outstanding and some of my favorite Instant Pot dishes.  Father’s Day evening I decided to run to the store and pick up a piece of chuck steak and some frozen broccoli.  I started making Beef & Broccoli, but used the Mongolian Beef recipe from  I have written about this recipe before; it is incredible.  I really like using chuck steak and usually throw it in the freezer for a bit – allowing me to get super thin slices.  The addition of tossing the slices into some cornstarch before sauteing really assists in the searing of the meat.  Once the meat was cooked and pressure released  – I toss my frozen broccoli into the meat mixture and leave for a few minutes.

Leftover Alert – The next night, we didn’t have much leftover rice.  My husband asked if we had any ramen noodles.  You know the kind – cheap – cellophane packaged – college kids love them.  I happened to have some – so I threw the noodles in 2 cups of boiling water (WITHOUT the seasoning packet) and added a bit of Better than Boullion beef base.  When cooked – I gently lifted the noodles into a bowl, and placed the ‘Mongolian’ Beef & Broccoli onto the noodles.  Wonderful!!


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