Butter Chicken Experiment and PIP in the IP

I have been seeing so many Butter Chicken recipes/reviews, I just had to try it for myself. Many dishes that I make in the Instant Pot, also need rice as an accompaniment.  I struggle with finishing the main course first, then keeping it warm while I prepare the rice.  I had read about cooking the rice while cooking your main dish and decided to give it a try.

The recipe I saw with the highest rating is found on https://twosleevers.com/now-later-butter-chicken-pressure-cooker. The ingredients are delightful and the results incredible. Tender, juicy, chicken with the most amazing sauce.

Once I had the ingredients in the pot – I placed a high-legged trivet on the chicken, and placed a dish with 1 cup rice/1 cup water/pinch of salt/dash of oil on top.  Set the IP to 10 HP and 10 NPR.  The dish was magnificent and the ricer – perfecto!

FYI – There is also an FAQ for the Butter Chicken recipe https://twosleevers.com/faqs-all-your-butter-chicken-questions-answered/.



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