Chicken Drumsticks in the Instant Pot – Winner!

What do you do with the ‘family-pak’ of chicken drumsticks (4 lbs) that you found on sale for $3.50?  You experiment with the Instant Pot!

I placed 1 cup of water in the Instant pot, followed by the trivet.  I have SO many seasonings in my spice cabinet – and I need to scale down, so I grabbed some rub seasonings from a recent trip to The Carolinas and sprinkled the drumsticks liberally. Next, I placed all 4 lbs of drumsticks into the Instant Pot (I have the 6 qt DUO Plus) – set for 15 HP and 5 NPR.  I pulled the chicken from the pot and placed in a baking pan, slathered some BBQ sauce on those puppies and baked an additional 10-15 minutes at 325 degrees (you can certainly broil them at this point too)

They were wonderful – juicy – BBQ’ey – inexpensive – AND Easy.


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