Owning an Instant Pot for 4 months – what have I learned…what will I ALWAYS make in the Instant Pot

After owning an Instant Pot for nearly 4 months – I thought it was time to reflect on what I have learned and what I have cooked/will repeat cooking in the IP.

  1. If you don’t like to cook and think that the IP is a MAGIC POT – you are WRONG.
    1. I have read more ridiculous posts over the last 4 months from folks who thought you can just throw ingredients into the pot – flip a switch – and have a gourmet meal.
    2. I already LOVE to cook/eat – and research….so the Instant Pot came quite quickly to me.
  2. If you intend on using Facebook groups/Internet recipes/etc for Instant Pot recipes – please take the good with the bad.  For whatever reason – there are some people who like to give incomplete instructions.  Please review and use credible sources.
  3. Recipes that I will continue to cook in the Instant Pot: (recipes are included in my blog)
    1. Mississippi Pot Roast or French Dip Sandwiches (fav’s in my household)
    2. Cheesecake
    3. Hard Boiled Eggs/Poached Eggs
    4. Ribs (With 20 HP+10 NR) I can have the ribs under the broiler OR on the grill to finish in no time.
  4. I admit that I am still learning – there are still so many things I want to “play” with:
    1. Pre-made cinnamon roll dough in silicone egg cups
    2. Orange breakfast roll dough in silicone egg cups
    3. Vanilla Extract for Christmas gifts (definitely read this blog about the topic) – http://www.friedalovesbread.com/2016/11/one-pot-pressure-cooker-vanilla-extract.html
    4. Limoncello



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