Variation on French Dip Sandwiches

We had really enjoyed the Instant Pot French Dip made a few weeks ago, and were hankering for some more.  I have been buying random pieces of chuck roast when they are on sale just for a day like today.  2 pieces of 1″ thick Chuck Roast – combined weight 2.21 lbs – and I am modifying my recipe slightly to use Italian seasoning mix rather than onion soup mix and will also adjust the time slightly.

4 cups beef broth

2-3 lbs. Chuck Roast

1 pkg Italian dressing mix

1 pkg au jus seasoning

1/2 sweet onion, sliced

Optional: Cheese – I used Havarti which melted beautifully

I used the same technique as before – turned the IP to Saute and browned the meat – remove meat – saute onions.  Then place the beef broth and meat in the IP and sprinkle both seasoning mixes on top.  I cooked in the Instant Pot for 60 minutes High Pressure (HP) followed by a 20 minute Natural Pressure Release (NPR).

Recipe tasted wonderful – great for a hearty sandwich!  I love this on a crusty roll (Costco’s Torta Rolls are wonderful) which has been prepped with butter and garlic powder and broiled.  Heap the meat on top and place a piece of Havarti cheese on top.  I thought we might need a cup of au jus on the side to dip the sandwich in -turns out there is so much juice dripping off the sandwich onto your plate – you can sop it up with the drippings.  Sometimes I will place the sandwich under the broiler at this point.  Juicy, gooey, meaty, satisfying – what more can I say.

(Update:  The next day – my college son came home.  He loves grilled, crunchy sandwiches, so I asked him if I could make him a quick sandwich before he left for his 6 hour ride back to school.  He gladly took me up on that offer – and was amazed how wonderful the sandwich tasted.  He has not been home to enjoy – or constantly hear me – rave about the Instant Pot.)


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