Instant Pot Egg Bites with another new silicone accessory –

I had purchased an ‘egg bite’ silicone mold from Amazon a few months ago – but had only made the famous Sous Vide Egg Bites in mason jars using my Anova Sous Vide (see February 8, 2018 post).  It was time to see if this worked in the Instant Pot.  There are many recipes out there – and all are similar.  Many use cottage cheese, which I don’t regularly have on hand.  I have found that cream cheese is a fine substitute, so used 2.5 ounces (1/3 cup).  For my Saturday morning experiment, I placed some freshly baked, crumbled bacon into each of the 7 cups.  I then placed all my egg bite ingredients in the Magic Bullet blender and in a few minutes had a creamy filling.  I poured into the molds and set into the Instant Pot.  I then set the Instant Pot to 7 minutes High pressure and would follow with 7 minutes Natural Pressure Release (NPR).  I thought that my husband would not like these, as he is not a ‘small bite’, cutesy food kind of guy – but he did enjoy them.

There was no need to grease the molds – they slid out easily.

I would like to find some more recipes to use in the molds….oh well, tomorrow is another day.


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