Poached Egg fail

I had poached some eggs last weekend and I was so impressed.  So why not make my tried-and-true Eggs Benedict on a Sunday morning using my Instant Pot Poached Eggs?  I placed 5 eggs into their tiny cradles and set the IP to 2 minutes – just as I had previously cooked them.  I slid them onto the English muffin and Canadian bacon, but they were overcooked…..

I was sad and wanted to know what I had done differently – I posted a question to my Facebook ‘Instant Pot Community’ Group for their take on the situation.  I was given some interesting replies:

1) My eggs were old

2) My water was too cold

3) How much water did I place into the bottom of the IP

I thought all day about these replies – and finally decided that I may have placed too much water in the IP (making too much ‘get to pressure’ time), so I was bound and determined to see if that was the culprit.  I carefully placed just ONE cup of water int he IP and placed 2 eggs carefully into the IP.  Set the IP to 2 minutes, and low and behold I had 2 perfectly poached eggs.

Moral of the story – Measure your water if you want consistent results!!


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