Another Instant Pot cheesecake test w/springform pan

I wanted to try a new recipe for cheesecake once I had purchased a small 6″ springform pan that would fit in my Instant Pot 6 Qt.  I found the pan at TJ Maxx for $5.99!

I had compared many cheesecake recipes and had not been wow’d by the one sweeping the Instant Pot followers (#17 Instant Pot New York Cheesecake).  I really love my husbands recipe (that he makes in the oven) – so I went on a quest to find something close to his recipes ingredients, but would work in the Instant Pot.

I found the perfect recipe on

The ONLY thing I changed was the main ingredient for the crust crumbs.  I had read an article about the awesome Speculoos cookies available at Trader Joes. They are close in taste to Bischoff cookies.

I followed the rest of the recipe closely, making sure to have my ingredients at room temperature and to refrigerate for 12 hours after complete.  It was certainly hard to wait until the next day – but who doesn’t want to cut into a cheesecake on a Sunday morning?

Results: Creamy, delicious – this is the perfect recipe folks!  Now that I have this down, I want to “play” with some flavor variations.  I read about Ayesha Curry’s Key Lime Pie using Cinnamon Toast Crunch for the crust crumbs OR I would like to incorporate my Sous Vide Lemon Curd into a new cheesecake recipe… mouth is watering.



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