Instant Pot Poached Eggs Test (and a foolproof method to make them ahead of time)

I make poached eggs for our favorite Eggs Benedict dish and have perfected my method…adding a splash of white vinegar to the hot water, you know the drill.  But ever since I have been working with my Instant Pot, I have wanted to make poached eggs.

I used tips from

After carefully analyzing her picture of poached egg “doneness” in 2-5 minute intervals, I opted to do a test with her 2 minute Steam method followed by a Quick Release.

I happened to have 2 PoachPod Ceramic nonstick egg poaching tools tucked away in a drawer (with the tag still attached).  I lightly coated them with avocado oil, but I don’t think they needed it, as they are ceramic.  I will also give this test another try with silicone and ceramic custard cups.

Place 1 cup of water in the Instant pot, followed by your trivet.  Place the egg cups gently on top of the trivet.  Cover the pot and set to STEAM for 2 minutes followed by a Quick Release.  IMG_20180224_084156510.jpg

After carefully slipping the egg out of it’s ceramic pod, I was amazed at the shape.


Cutting the egg open, gave me a new appreciation for poached eggs – just perfect and evenly cooked.


Update:  Once I had perfected this Instant Pot method, i thought more about how to make larger amounts of poached eggs.  I researched a bit and found that restaurants have perfected a foolproof method that you can easily adapt at home:

After poaching the egg you take it out with a slotted spoon and put it in an ice bath and put it in the fridge. The eggs will be OK to use for 2-5 days in the fridge.

To reheat the eggs, fill up a large bowl with hot water (hot water from the tap is fine).  Gently lower the eggs into the hot water.

Let them sit for 2 minutes to warm up, topping up with more hot water as necessary (this is mainly an issue if you are reheating lots and lots of eggs).

NOTE:  I had placed one poached egg from my Instant Pot into an ice bath and placed in the fridge.  3 hours later I placed the egg in my hot water bath for 2 minutes.  I was AMAZED at how silky smooth the poached egg still was.  I will definitely follow this method again!


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