Sous Vide Carrots – how wonderful…

I had read that using the Sous Vide method for cooking carrots elevated them to a whole different level.  I had picked up a large bag of orange,yellow/white and purple carrots at Costco yesterday and thought I would give this a shot.

I peeled and sliced the carrots – and I made sure to bag the purple one’s separately (I had read that it might make all of your carrots red).  I added some butter, salt & sugar.IMG_20180218_060404121.jpg

I set the Anova Sous Vide to 183 degrees – and set for 60 minutes.  Because it was 6:00am, I was not going to eat them immediately – so choose to place them in a cold water bath when they were complete.

I could not resist tasting them later in the day – so I opened the orange/yellow bag, opened and sauteed (to warm) in avocado oil/butter and added some salt & pepper.  They were the most incredible carrots I have ever tasted – perfect texture, wonderful taste & very pretty to look at.  This is what a carrot should taste like!



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