Sous Vide Lemon Curd – WINNER!

I read a great recipe for lemon curd cheesecake, but store bought lemon curd is so pricey.

I had 6 lemons and loads of eggs on hand -> so I’m on a mission to find a great recipe that I can use with the Sous Vide.

I came across this recipe at ‘Savoring the Good’ –

I like the idea of cooking things in mason jars – it’s great for refrigerator or freezer storing.  Sarah’s recipe was easy to follow and has only 5 ingredients, so I could put this together and give it the 1 hour (167 degree F)  ‘bath’ before I started work.

I waited for the jars to cool for 2 hours and then opened my first jar of ‘lemon luciousness’ – I cannot put into words how lemony and creamy this is……absolutely fantastic!IMG_20180216_134329444_HDR.jpg


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