Instant Pot School

My 27-year old daughter had expressed an interest in what an Instant Pot had to offer.  I found a great deal at Kohls for the Duo mini 3 qt. -> bought it and offered to literally hold ‘Instant Pot School’ with her.  I didn’t want her to struggle, hesitate or leave it unused.

My plan worked!  I bought the food, found the recipes and away we went.

All in all, a wonderful day of daughter bonding and sharing of my passion for cooking.


  • Show others how to release the pressure with a towel covering the spout (this is scary)
  • Show others how to clean/care for their new Instant Pot
  • Introduce them to the sealing ring – how to clean it
  • Be patient


Once we had made all this glorious food – she needed to port it home – I happened to have a new set of PYREX glass dishes/lids.  We conveniently placed the food into the new glass bowls.  She now has a slew of food for the week and a greater appreciation for new cooking methods.


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