Hot wing test

My family loves Hot wings, Buffalo wings…whatever you call them in your neck of the woods.  At one time we actually had organized a group that met at different restaurants in our area to “rate” their wings.

We have made them at home and pretty much perfected a sauce that we really enjoy (a combination of Franks Hot Sauce, red wine vinegar & butter). The tough part about making good wings at home is how to achieve the perfect balance of “doneness” and crispness, so I thought the Instant Pot might be a great option.

For my first experiment, I am trying frozen wings:

12-15 frozen wings (I have a 6 qt Instant Pot) tossed in 1 cup of Sweet Baby Rays wing sauce

1 cup of water

Place the water in the bottom of your Instant Pot.  Place the metal trivet in the Instant Pot and place the sauced wings on the trivet.  I am setting to Manual Pressure for 15 minutes and a QR (Quick Release), because I don’t want to steam the wings.  Once removed from the Instant Pot, place them under your oven’s broiler until nicely browned.

RESULTS: Cooked throughout, tasty.  After broiling, not getting the crispy/fried thing…but that’s because I didn’t fry!  These would be great to pull directly from the Instant Pot and slather in a BBQ sauce. For a recipe pulled from the freezer, I think this method is a winner!

Note to self:  When I try wings the next time (for a group), I would use the Instant Pot and then flash fry to get that crispness I need.



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