Mississippi Pot Roast

I used the recipe from http://www.sewwhatscookingwithjoan.com/2017/11/instant-pot-mississippi-pot-roast.html.  I used her ingredients, but cooked for 45 HP, then NR.  This was the BEST meat I have eaten!  The only thing that I would modify is a little less salt, but that could have been from my heavy hand when salt/peppering the roast to sauté.  The final gravy was sopped up by some French bread. Nothing went to waste.

BTW – while my husband and I were eating, my BIL was upstairs.  I told him he should come down and taste some of this amazing meat.  I placed the leftovers into a container and let it sit on the counter to cool.  When my BIL came downstairs to try the meat, he could not stop eating it (mind you, he had already eaten his dinner).  He also said that the pot roast was amazing.

Update:  I am going to try to adjust this recipe to use all natural ingredients (no packet mixes) and also include vegetables as part of the cooking process.



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